Our Services

Our Skills, Talents & Expertise

Supply, Fabrication and Installation of Structural Steelworks & Metalworks.

Design & Development.

Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Construction Management and Cost Consulting.

Site Supervision and Management.

Contract Administration, Procurement and Documentation.

Manpower Supply & Project Management.

Supply of Fabrication & Structural Materials.


Our projects are resourced with the right team providing enjoyable experience ensuring satisfactory client relationship. Our proactive work ethic and encourages staff to work and grow within the company.!

Our key personnel are well educated, well trained and well experienced in their field of expertise and together with the excellent skill set of our staff, we form a resourceful bunch that our client can tap on.!

EEC has a state-of-the-art workshop facilities equipped machineries to satisfy the requirements of our Clients at any time. The firm is equipped to undertake works of geotechnical, structural, health and safety and/or environmental categories. The firm also has accounts with support and administrative organisations, e.g. stationary, Courier Services, Travel Services, etc. which can be made use of via project-related expenses!



Overhead crane 3 Ton


Welding Machines!


MIG Welding Machine!




Air Compressor!


Drilling Machine!


Shearing and Cutting Machine!


Sheet Bending Machine!


Plasma Cutting Machines!


Rolling Machines!

HSC Policy

“Safety First” is our priority. We follow MOM’s safety guidelines and procedures very strictly. We are a bizSAFE level STAR company certified by The Workplace Safety and Health Council. ! !

We comply with Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems ISO 45001:201 Certification with the scope of general building works including fabrication, installation of structural steel work and metal works. !